Liquid Chillers and Heat Pumps

The Liquid Chillers and Heat Pumps are designed to be used for air-conditioning and heating of residential, administrative and office buildings. The units can be manufactured to operate only in cooling mode, as well as in cooling and heating mode (heat pumps). The standard range of products has been developed with: Cooling capacity from 20 kW up to 145 kW Heating capacity from 27 kW up to 165 kW The production capacities of STANIKO allow the company to produce chillers/heat pumps with smaller or bigger capacities than the standard ones.
All Products Refrigeration condensing units Refrigeration racks Air-cooled condensers Heat exchangers according to specific customer’s request Liquid Chillers and Heat Pumps Ammonia multi-compressor racks Electrical switchboards Complex custom products

Available in two versions: Version 1: Chillers/Heat Pumps, standard equipment Version 2: Chillers/Heat Pumps, assembled with additional equipment

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