Ammonia multi-compressor racks

12:15 PM
Wednesday July 17th, 2019

The requirements and limitations, imposed by the Regulation (EU) 517 in force, lead to a significant reduction in the quantities used and respectively the ending of the use of refrigerants with high global warming potential.
This, in turn, requires the development of alternative solutions with the use of refrigerants with the lowest global warming potential.
Such refrigerants are the natural refrigerants to which ammonia belongs.
It has undeniable qualities for its use in the industrial refrigeration installations which require high cooling capacities.
To meet the challenges, in 2019, STANIKO developed and started the production of ammonia multi-compressor racks.
The units are developed based on Bitzer open screw compressors.
The ammonia multi-compressor racks are made on a specific customer request, for different temperatures and cooling capacities.

The standard equipment includes:
– Open screw compressors Bitzer
– Electrical motor
– Oil separator
– Regulating and safety controls
– Electrical switchboard for regulation and protection of the system

Additional equipment:
– Oil cooler
– Economiser
– Condenser