Refrigeration racks

The refrigeration racks are manufactured with different types of compressors and for different types of refrigerants. The racks are manufactured according to specific customer requests. The units can be produced for one refrigeration circuit with the same evaporating temperature or for a combination of two independent refrigeration circuits with different evaporating temperatures mounted on the same metal frame. The components, used in the manufacture of our units, are world-wide known European and American brands in the refrigeration. The racks are completely wired, tested, and charged with neutral gas. The metal constructions and frames of our condensing units and racks are produced from steel sheets with polymer powder coating. That guarantees reliability, high wear and good appearance of the units.    
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The units are produced based on semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors Bitzer Germany

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The units are produced based on semi-hermetic, open or compact screw compressors Bitzer Germany.

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The units are produced based on scroll compressors Bitzer Germany.

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